Grace Lutheran Church & School   Unanswered questions new answers q&a categories coupons guides sign in | sign up home search settings top contributors help center english ▼ english français deutsch italiano español tagalog home answers answers. Com > wiki answers > categories > science > biology > human physiology > circulatory system > heart > who founded congenital heart disease? generic viagra Who founded congenital heart disease? In: heart [edit categories] answer: diseases are not founded like businesses or nations. Since this is a congenital disease you may want to know who was the first person to have the genetic abnormality which resulted in the disease. This is not known. In fact, there are extremely few genetic traits which we are able to trace back to an original mutation. Generally we don't notice them until they have become fairly widespread and the historical orgin is lost in the mists of time. viagra 100mg vs 50mg I would also note that not all congenital conditions are necessarily genetic. cheap viagra Fetal development is affected by conditions in the womb, which is influenced by the health, diet, injuries, or drug consumption of the mother. What does viagra cost at walgreens Improve answer first answer by david6023. Last edit by david6023. Contributor trust: 2166 [recommend contributor] recommended]. Viagra practical jokes Question popularity: 3 [recommend question]. viagra online [report abuse] can you answer these heart questions? What part of your blood works to destroy viruses in your body? female viagra for sale Answer it! viagra 100mg vs 50mg Does heart blood flow away through aorta? free samples of viagra or viagra Answer it! mechanism of action of viagra and viagra What does the ventricle chamber do? Answer it! What kind of blood does each 4 chambers of the heart contain? buy viagra online from canada drugs Answer it! viagra side effects vertigo What is lowly in heart? generic viagra cheap shipping Answer it! viagra for the brain provigil Relevant answers: what causes congenital heart disease? generic viagra united states Congenital heart disease is mainly caused when the normal development of the heart is disrupted what is the pathogenesis for congenital heart disease? Heart disease. buy generic viagra Congenital conditions exist at birth and may be hereditary or may occur during gestation what does congenital heart disease mean? viagra cheap buy canada Congenital heart disease is a term that refers to a heart condition one is born with. What does congenital heart disease do? buy viagra cheap Congenital heart disease means that the person was born with the abnormality. viagra 10 preis There are many types why do babies have a congenital heart disease? Viagra safe take every day Because when a baby's or babies' mother drinks alcohol and/or takes drugs it has some kind of damage to the baby's/babies'heart. Unless a mother knows that she's pregnant and starts to worrie about he sign in using: answers members: username lost password? Password remember me biology circulatory system human physiology science home recent site activity browse categories animal life business & finance cars & vehicles entertainment & arts food & cooking health history, politics & society hobbies & collectibles home & garden humor & amusement jobs & education law & legal issues literature & language re.
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