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Frequently Asked Questions

What if we don't have Office at home?
In technology class, we use Microsoft Office to create many projects. If a student does not finish during class, they may work on their assignments either in the library before school, during lunch and recess, or after school.

When can students check out materials?
Students can come to the LMC anytime between 8 AM and fifteen minutes after the school day ends.

When is my child's class library time?
Jr. Kindergarten: Thursday
Sr. Kindergarten:
1st Grade: Tuesday
2nd Grade: Wednesday
3rd Grade: Tuesday
4th Grade:

Fifth through eighth grades come to the library for Research & Technology class. All grades use the library for research skills instruction and practice on a flexible schedule, to meet the needs of their core curriculum studies.

How many items can be borrowed, and for how long?
Students in Junior Kindergarten through 2nd grade may borrow two items for up to one week. Students in 3rd through 8th grades may borrow up to four items for two weeks. Items may be renewed.

What if an item is overdue?
Reminder notices for overdue materials are printed and distributed Tuesday mornings after school starts. There are no late fees, but students may not borrow any more materials until the item is returned or paid for.

What if an item is lost?
Please do not go out and buy a replacement book for the library. However, you will need to pay for lost materials. The amount will be listed on the overdue notice. If an item is found and returned to the library within two weeks after it was paid for, refunds will be given through the business office.

What else can students do in the LMC?
Besides borrowing items, students may come to the library to do research or homework, read, listen to books on tape or CD, or use our PC computers, which have Internet access, Microsoft Office, Audacity, and Inspiration software. See our Events page for additional activities.