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7th Grade Research & Technology Class

Lessons are based on the national standards of the American Association of School Librarians and the International Society for Technology in Education's NETS for Students.

Digital Citizenship lessons use the Common Sense Media Curriculum.

Keyboarding homework is due every Thursday night. Students have accounts at New assignments start on Fridays. Each assignment is worth three points.

Image Analysis

Images of Slavery
Video - Advanced Image Search
Video - Changing Image Height in Power Point

The French & Indian War
Video - Saving as an mp3

The Puritans
Research Rubric
Video - Making Database Citations in Noodle Tools
Video - Making a Notecard in Noodle Tools
Presentation Rubric

The First Amendment
First Amendment Research Part I Rubric
First Amendment Research Part II Rubric
Web Citations & Summary
First Amendment Hyperlink Essay

Noodle Tools Login
Website MLA Citation Maker (BibMe)

Video - How to Make an Outline
Video - Creating Titles and a Hyperlink

First Amendment FAQ
Constitution USA with Peter Sagal: Rights

Freedom of Religion
America's Boldest Experiment
The Law of Religious Freedom
Religious Liberty in America Overview
Religious Liberty in Public Life Overview

Freedom of Speech
America is a Wonderous Place
Freedom of the Press How Far Does it Go?
Out of Tune: Listening to the First Amendment
Speech Overview

Freedom of the Press
The First Amendment and Free Press
Freedom of the Press How Far Does it Go?
Freedom of the Press Overview

How a Bill Becomes Law
Due: Wednedsay, September 6

Digital Citizenship
Family Tips - Digital Life
Family Tips - Respecting Creative Work
Family Tips - Safe Talk Online
Family Tips - Self-Expression and Identity
Family Tips - Boys, Girls, and Media Messages